Musing about Hamilton’s Geek Breakfast

On March 2 2013, a congregation of geeks, techies, and layabouts met by the lakeside Williams Cafe, and perhaps started something great.

One of the things that I have learnt since moving to the Hammer in September is that the city hosts a impressive social media community. Unlike major cities like Toronto where there’s lots of people on social media, Hamilton has organization. I feel a group of individuals can only become a community when their is a share sense of organization, usually under the guidance of regular meetings, activities and rituals.   I think the Geek Breakfast can become a sort of regular ritual, it can anchor a productive and creative community right in Hamilton!

One of my BSMR peers made a interesting connection that ended up with her landing a job! You never know what kind of opportunities can happen when you get out there and meet people. For that and many more reasons I support everything that the Geek Breakfast is doing and I am looking forward to the next one!Image