New Social Media platform with a bright future; Findery

I use Google maps a lot, I find it very useful to find places that I know of, but its not the best tool for those who grave discovery. Findery fills that void and provides its users knowledge about their local surroundings that it insightful and lots of fun.

Findery lets you discovery local knowledge and hidden secrets about the world around you. People can leave notes on a map about cool hangouts, freaky looking trees, great picnic spots or whatever else they fancy for you and your friends to discover. It gives you the chance to learn about local culture and completely chances your perception of neighborhoods for the better.

With the ever growing dominance of smartphones, more and more people carry the means to share their local neighborhoods with each-other. Imagine when moving to a new place, the anxiety of being of feeling isolated and alone immediately alleviated by a few clicks. I think the possibilities are endless for Findery and I look forward to more and more people logging in and contributing to this online library of local knowledge!