Fun Times at Lasik Surgery

After weeks of mentally preparing myself for my vision correction surgery, last Friday  I finally got it done. Hurrah I can see! Best of all, the surgery was much smoother than I expected. Just a couple of quick cuts and a zap from the laser and I was walking out the door.

The actual surgery took around 15 minutes per eye. The first step is freezing your eyes, then the lazik machine flashes your eyes and temporally blurs your sight. This is good because it blinds you to the quick cuts the surgeon needs to make to your eye, a blessing 🙂  Once your ready for the laser correction, you get treated to a little 15 second light show, while the laser reshapes your cornea. Soon after that your done, and you can look forward to years of crystal clear vision, hopefully.

As of now, my vision is still a bit blurry, but that should clear up in the next week or so. I have a regiment of eye drops to follow, which has me closely watching the clock. Moreover, I have to wear some cool looking goggles while sleeping to protect my eyes. A small concern, greatly outweighed by my sweet new vision!



13 thoughts on “Fun Times at Lasik Surgery

  1. I’ve been contemplating this for a while now, but have been ok with contact lenses. But still, they are a pain, and so many people are having this procedure done…

    How do they ensure that the eye stays steady enough through the process (fast though it may be)?

    • 2 step process

      First they freeze your eye with drops, then the surgeons immobilize the eyeball by placing a suction cup directly on the eye :0. But you don’t feel a thing 🙂

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