Great job Nicole. You are a fantastic inspiration!


I have won the battle!

I started smoking about seven years ago and my last cigarette was on January. 23rd, 2013.  

My journey started with a visit to the Dr. office to obtain a prescription for Champix (varenicline). I knew that a persons willpower had little affect on their ability to quit smoking! Science has proven this fact numerous times! According to Dr. Sharon Hall, a psychology professor whose research at the University of California’s San Francisco, ‘Heroin addicts say it is easier to give up dope than it is to give up smoking,” 

Therefore, I started my remedy and set my quit date to be day eight of taking Champix.

Here is a quick Bio on my smoking habit and my new life as a non-smoker;

According to the Canadian Cancer Society I smoked less then 8% of the smoking population 😮Image

My Mileage 

Smoke-Free Days: 10 

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