Fun Times at Lasik Surgery

After weeks of mentally preparing myself for my vision correction surgery, last Friday  I finally got it done. Hurrah I can see! Best of all, the surgery was much smoother than I expected. Just a couple of quick cuts and a zap from the laser and I was walking out the door.

The actual surgery took around 15 minutes per eye. The first step is freezing your eyes, then the lazik machine flashes your eyes and temporally blurs your sight. This is good because it blinds you to the quick cuts the surgeon needs to make to your eye, a blessing 🙂  Once your ready for the laser correction, you get treated to a little 15 second light show, while the laser reshapes your cornea. Soon after that your done, and you can look forward to years of crystal clear vision, hopefully.

As of now, my vision is still a bit blurry, but that should clear up in the next week or so. I have a regiment of eye drops to follow, which has me closely watching the clock. Moreover, I have to wear some cool looking goggles while sleeping to protect my eyes. A small concern, greatly outweighed by my sweet new vision!



The Freelance Marketplace; a solution to youth unemployment?

To all of those without meaningful employment, the job market can bring up instant anxiety. It is difficult to make sense of the unpredictable ways of HR, not knowing if you have enough education, skills, experience. For many the job hunt is a grind, where only a few get lucky, and rest are left scratching their heads figuring out what went wrong.


There is another way.

E-Freelancing is all about taking the middleman out of the job market, it connects employers and job hunters irregardless of distance. All that stands in-between you and a paycheck is the way you present yourself and the skills you possess. E-Freelancing sites such as E-Lance, oDesk, and Guru provide the opportunity for young people to find an endless amount of jobs in their area of expertise. Whether it be writing, graphic design, photoshop or even WordPress 🙂 Once you have a job in mind, it is up to you to make a competitive bid, and the employer picks their favourite contractor.

E-Freelancing is a way for young people to get the experience they desperately seek, while getting some money in the bank. In my opinion, e-Freelancing is changing many people’s prospects for finding employment for the better.  I implore my fellow job seekers to check one of these websites out, make an account, take a couple of tests and take e-Freelancing  a shot!




Great job Nicole. You are a fantastic inspiration!


I have won the battle!

I started smoking about seven years ago and my last cigarette was on January. 23rd, 2013.  

My journey started with a visit to the Dr. office to obtain a prescription for Champix (varenicline). I knew that a persons willpower had little affect on their ability to quit smoking! Science has proven this fact numerous times! According to Dr. Sharon Hall, a psychology professor whose research at the University of California’s San Francisco, ‘Heroin addicts say it is easier to give up dope than it is to give up smoking,” 

Therefore, I started my remedy and set my quit date to be day eight of taking Champix.

Here is a quick Bio on my smoking habit and my new life as a non-smoker;

According to the Canadian Cancer Society I smoked less then 8% of the smoking population 😮Image

My Mileage 

Smoke-Free Days: 10 

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