Working out with the Girlfriend

Trying not to sound too pushy I suggested to my girlfriend that we start P90X together, her first time going through the program. Today we demolished PLYOMETRICS a killer workout that has you jumping from one end of the room to the other. I made it through unscathed, my GF is tremendously sore 😛 What was hilarious was that throughout the 65 minute workout, my girlfriend’s little Schnauzer was jumping right along with us! 


Classmates I ask you this: Would you or have you exercised with a significant other? Any funny stories to tell? 


4 thoughts on “Working out with the Girlfriend

  1. My boyfriend and I try to excercise together on a pretty regular basis. One time, I brought him to a hot yoga class though – there were moments that I really didn’t think he was going to make it! lol

  2. The plyo workout is killer! The first time I did it I was sore for days!!

    I love working out with my fiance. Despite my pleas, he won’t step foot near a gym, so we picked up the Nike Trainer game for Xbox and he’s committed to the workout schedule the game set up for him. It’s only a one player game, so we don’t actually get to do it together, but I have just as much fun watching. He’s not exactly the most coordinated guy in the world, so watching him do some of the drills is hilarious. Am I mean? Maybe a little bit haha. He gets back at me when we go for runs together though because he’s a significantly better runner than I am.

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