When Does the Narwhal Bacon? A guide to the biggest website that your never heard of



Reddit is a social news site and of ever expanding online community. It is the internet’s version of a 19th century coffeehouse, where people would meet to learn the news of the day, share ideas, promote their political agendas or sharpen their critical wit. It’s a site that encourages the  creation of original content such as interviews, pictures, videos and writing, and provides an entertaining forum for anybody to voice their opinion and comment.

Anybody who comments or posts a link on reddit has the chance of submitting something that could be seen by millions of people in a matter of hours, and this sort of instant publicity can happen to anyone, giving it a unique advantage for smaller voices to break out in social media.

The content you see throughout the site is ordered through a democratic system of upvotes and downvotes. Everybody who registers with this site can vote on whether or not they approve or disapprove of a post, propelling the post upwards or downwards on reddit’s rankings, meaning the posts will likely be seen by more and more people. Upvotes lead to more and more upvotes until the post makes it to the front page of the website, where it can generate massive discussions and can launch itself to other platforms of social media.

The endless web content that you can find on reddit is organized in different themes called subreddits. Following different subreddits that you are interested in, can allow a user to personalize the site’s wealth of information according to their own preferences. My favourite subreddits include r/askscience “to learn more about science!” r/ama “to find the most informative interviews with celebrities and public figures”, r/loseit “a positive community that encourages healthy weightloss”, and  r/gaming “videogames yay!”  You can look for your subreddits in the search bar on the top of every page.

Now classmates I challenge you to take a leap of faith with me and enter the dynamic world of reddit with an open mind. You will never know what you might find!

Try to find one or two subreddits that interest you and post them in the comment section. There is really no limit to the array of topics you might uncover, so use that search bar and type in keywords that speak to your interests. 

Happy Redditing!


Working out with the Girlfriend

Trying not to sound too pushy I suggested to my girlfriend that we start P90X together, her first time going through the program. Today we demolished PLYOMETRICS a killer workout that has you jumping from one end of the room to the other. I made it through unscathed, my GF is tremendously sore 😛 What was hilarious was that throughout the 65 minute workout, my girlfriend’s little Schnauzer was jumping right along with us! 


Classmates I ask you this: Would you or have you exercised with a significant other? Any funny stories to tell? 

Hireasophist has launched!

Bonjour fellow bloggers and classmates of Building Social Media Relationships! It’s time to start giving back to the internet after taking so so so so much. My blog will chronicles the tribulations of a young classically trained bullshitter trying to embrace the cold hard real world that poopooes his skills. On the way I plan to hone my armchair quarterback ways of criticizing every little thing that bothers me about movies, tv, sports, politics and more.

Stay Tuned Internet.